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Hello! I’m Joshua.

I help pop artists and producers maximise their artistic vision and have confidence in releasing their music

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You’ve finished production on your next song but you don’t know which direction to go in to really bring your vision to life.


You've Considered Mixing Yourself:


Embarking on the mixing process alone may seem tempting, but if you lack confidence in your skills or find the thought of mixing daunting, it can hinder your progress.


Previous Mixer Misses


When you've entrusted your music to someone else in the past, you may have experienced a disconnect between their approach and your vision for the song. They may not have taken the time to truly understand and care about your creative direction.


Roadblocks and Hidden Costs

Collaborating with someone in the past may have left you feeling overwhelmed and uncertain. Hidden costs, limited revisions, incorrect deliverables, or a lack of clarity regarding the service can create barriers that prevent you from completing your song.

You have probably tried more than just one of these following strategies:

Bottom Line: you want to release music that not only SOUNDS and FEELS amazing but also enables you to have the CONFIDENCE as a performing artist, grow your fanbase and make a living from your music. 



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Hi, I'm Josh - a mix engineer based in the vibrant city of Manchester, UK. Music has been my constant companion since I was a kid, whether I was jamming to tapes, CDs, or blasting tracks on my iPod. Today, with streaming being the norm, music still has an inexplicable hold on me.


Through the years, I noticed that a lot of artists and producers were having major dissatisfaction with how their music was turning out. Whether they tried to mix the music themselves or worked with someone that never took the time to fully understand their vision from the start.


I believe that one of the most important tools in the song-creation process is objectivity.  That's where I come in - as a separate mixer, I can offer fresh ears and an objective perspective on your music. My sole focus is on the mixing process, which means that I can devote all of my attention to achieving your vision.


Working remotely with artists and producers around the world, I prioritize collaboration and communication to make the mixing process seamless and stress-free. Together, we'll bring your music to life and take it to the next level, without my personal preferences getting in the way. My ultimate goal is to help your music not only sound great but also FEEL great, leaving a lasting impact on anyone who listens.

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Mixed and Mastered

Artist: Valley Sixteen

Producer: Valley Sixteen


RENZ (Artist)

"Working with Josh is such a breath of fresh air. Timeous and professional would be best to describe the experience. He has a great ear for detail and really gets the vision spot on every time."




I'd love to meet to you and chat about your music!

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