Hello. I’m Joshua Riley.
A mix engineer based in

Cape Town, South Africa.

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About Me

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My name is Josh. I am a CCM & pop mix engineer based in Cape Town, South Africa. I’ve been in the audio industry for 8 years.


A lot of my musical love is from growing up, playing in bands and leading worship in church. Before mixing records full time, I was the worship & audio director at a local church, and then went on to being an educator for music production.


Mixing and mastering is my strength. I love clear mixes with clean, punchy low end. I love seeing a musical idea come to life and the impact music has on people’s lives.


I've found that the most important thing, besides the final mix, is the relationship you and I form whilst working on music together and the friendship and rhythms that are created to help bring your music to life. Communication and building relationships is a big part of my workflow. I love making artists feel like they are part of the entire journey instead of sending me a project and waiting until it’s finished.

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Latest Mixes

Leo Rainers (Artist)

"The quality of the mix and master was also crazy good and I think that's what took my track from good to great. Its rare that you find an engineer who constantly communicates with you this well!"



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